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    Team work makes the dream work

    Kate Mitselmakher's LinkedIn profile

    Kate The Great 8

    General Partner

    Vision, Direction, Execution

    Sam Yılmaz's Linked In Profile

    Sam Rocksteady

    General Partner

    Diligence, Process Design, Fund Ops

    Joe Giordano's LinkedIn profile

    Joe The GI

    Venture Partner

    Vetting, Scale-Up, Portfolio Ops

    Andy Sack

    Venture Connoisseur

    Intuition, Brass Tax, Y/N

    Anand Radhakhrishnan

    Big-deal evaluator

    Market Size, Narrative, Institutional Thinking

    Mark Mueller-Eberstein


    Trust-systems, Davos, Super-Angel

    Daniel Yamagata

    Investment Associate

    Screening, Recruiting, Tokens

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