Enterprises will utilize or be replaced by distributed ledger technologies that offer auditable automation to their clients and stakeholders.


    Uniting around this thesis, we identify some focus areas that change with the maturation of the market.


    If you are working on a project that pertains to any of these focus areas, we encourage you to connect with us.



















    Data Access Management

    Who has and had access to what?

    Devices, processes, and employees alike need to be granted access to data. Tracking data access events on immutable ledgers allow automation of trust.

    Supply Chain & Provenance

    Where are the goods and services we are expecting?

    Whether it is to ensure compliance to regulations or service-level agreements, companies need verifiable shared records of the current state of affairs.

    Blockchain Middleware

    What tools will developers need?

    Delivering on a particular layer of the stack requires standing on the shoulders of little or large giants.


    What do other stakeholders really think?

    Enabling auditable records on calls to actions or votes on corporate actions, or verifiably sharing notices is part and parcel to massive systems coordination.

    Trade & Value-Chain Finance

    How can the value of tomorrow be unlocked today?

    Large companies and their SME providers are better able to vet and collect from their borrowers than standalone financing institutions. Keeping track of entitlements to future revenue shares can enable value chain participants and financing entities to collaborate in previously impossible ways.

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