Fostering A Globally Decentralized Application Economy

Bloccelerate is a venture fund focused on investing in blockchain companies primarily in North America and Europe. We bring together a community of mentors, and developers to finance, refine and grow blockchain use-case by leading enterprises. On select occasions, we also deploy capital to retail and institutional adoption of decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies.


What We Do

Capital Funding

Early Stage Investment $100K-$1.5M/Startup

Crypto-Economics Support

Supporting with token incentive and ancillary structures

Developer Talent Sourcing

Pool of 500 Blockchain Developers and resources

Access to CxO Advisors & Enterprise Buyers

Globally decentralized blockchain industry experts and evaluations

Categories of startups we are investing in

Blockchain Platforms

Blockchain platforms facilitate the creation of new mechanisms through which various applications, services, and use cases can be produced. Examples would be platforms such as Ethereum, Blockstack, EOS, Tezos, Cordano, among others.

Blockchain Applications

These are applications that are developed on top of blockchain platforms or existing platforms and are meant to disrupt existing intermediaries. They span across 17+ industries from insurance, to financial services, to healthcare, etc. Examples include companies such as 0x, NumerAI, Brave, etc.

Ecosystem Startups

Any startup that supports the development & growth of blockchain ecosystem including exchanges, data/algorithm providers, security software, etc.





Domain Expertise

Investment Expertise

Deal Flow

Start-up Growth Knowledge


team image

Kate Mitselmakher

General Partner


team image

Sam Yilmaz

General Partner


team image

Sheikh Mohammed Irfan

Research Lead


team image

Joe Giordano

Ventures Partner


team image

Ray Valdes

Chief Advisor


team image

Jai Das

Advisor – Investments


team image

Marc Kaufman

Advisor – Legal & Regulatory


team image

Charles Tango

Advisor - Enterprise Adoption


team image

Judy Loehr

Advisor – Start-up Growth


team image

Matthew Cantieri

Advisor – VC Microsoft Ventures Direct Investments


team image

Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Advisor – Global Engagement


team image

Bill Shihara

Advisor - Blockchain Industry and Investments


team image

JR Willet

Entrepreneur-in-Residence – Inventor of the ICO, Mastercoin & Omni Protocol


team image

Michel Noel

Senior Advisor - Government Engagement
team image

Robert Hou

Investment Associate


Leadership Council

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David Axel Neff

Formerly: Co-Founder & CIO of Telegram Messenger


The Future Of Blockchain

Blockchain is predicted to generate $3.1 trillion dollars of business value by 2030

Blockchain use cases encompass 18+ industries from banking & finance healthcare to energy & utilities, to supply chain

The 3 Phases Of Blockchain:

      - Blockstorm Phase: Current Blockchain Ecosystem

      - Block form Phase: Within the next 3-5 years  blockchain will become mainstream with a few clear   winners in the space

      - Blocknorm Phase: Predicted to be 8 - 9 years away, this phase will include the consolidation of blockchain's current position as well as the execution of new and far more advanced systems


Our Research

The State of Stablecoins

A stable digital currency has the largest total address market (TAM) of any cryptocurrency—$90 trillion—according to Myles Snider, an advisor to the cryptocurrency venture capital firm Multicoin Capital. This estimate assumes the global adoption of stablecoins as an alternative currency replacing fiat altogether. This is certainly a far-fetched possibility. However, it does convey the opportunity for stablecoins to impact billions of people in the way they transact.

Top 5 Predictions for 2030

In 2017 cryptocurrencies took the world by a storm. The price of Bitcoin shot up to nearly $20,000. The average ICO returned well over 10x. ICO funding surpassed traditional VC funding. Blockchain technology emerged as the new buzzword of choice by executives. Is this all just hype?

Web 3.0 The New Era of Data

With the advents in blockchain technology, the Web 2.0 is starting to transition towards a more open, transparent, and self-sovereign model - Web 3.0. Before we explore what this means, we will first identify what defined the previous versions of the Web and what brought the ongoing changes.


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